A dry white wine made mainly with Itasca grapes. The aroma brings a wonderful blend of pear and apple with a hint of spice. A silky mouth feel and consistent flavors of pear, apple with a pleasant oak inspired finish.

SEYVAL BLANC $20.00/btl.
A crisp semi-dry wine with citrus fruit aromas and a flavor that presents hints of grapefruit and lemon. Great for seafood pairings.
A Seyval for the Pinot Gris & Sauvignon Blanc lover.

A naturally sparkling dry wine with citrus fruit aromas
and a crisp grapefruit and lemon flavor. Great for seafood pairings. A Seyval for the
Pinot Gris & Sauvignon Blanc lover.

NOHO BLUSH $20.00/btl.
A 2020 vintage off-dry blush. A wonderful blend of 83% Chardonel, and 17% Chambourcin. A floral/ raspberry aroma to start, with flavors that hint of citric fruits and raspberries. Crisp refreshing finish. 

ROSÉ $22.00/btl.
Our 2023 vintage dry rose. This Rose is made from 100% Massachusetts-grown Chambourcin grapes. This wine is fruit forward with a nose of fresh raspberries and strawberries and a smooth dry finish.  

CAYUGA WHITE $22.00/btl.
A wine made on the sweet side. Light fruity aromas with sweet melon and tropical fruit flavors, along with a hint of peach. It has a beautiful light lemon tart finish. Best served cold.

MAY WINE $22.00/btl.
A traditional semi-sweet German wine, it is Riesling wine that is infused with sweet woodruff. Floral aromas, with sweet undertones of freshly cut hay and flavors of honey, nutmeg and apple. Make a Mai Wein punch by adding strawberries, something bubbly and garnish with fresh strawberries.

APPLE WINE $20.00/btl. 
Made with local apples. Late variety apple aromas and wonderful blended flavors of Macoun, Honey Crisp and other apples, with a semi-sweet apple pie finish. Pairs very well with turkey, pork roast or just sipping with cheese and crackers. 

MEAD $20.00/btl. 
A dry honey wine, made from our own Western Mass. wildflower honey. Starting with light herbal aromas this wine finishes with an even lighter herbal finish. This wine pairs well with turkey.


2020 CABERNET SAUVIGNON $24.00/btl.
A full bodied dry red. This wine brings some berry and stone fruit aromas. Flavors of dark cherry and currant with a hint of raspberry. A light peppery finish and an easy tannin mouth feel. This wine spent 17 months in oak barrels.

2021 CABERNET SAUVIGNON $24.00/btl.
A full bodied young dry red. This wine brings cherry and
stone fruit aromas. Flavors of plum and currant with a hint of raspberry. A light peppery finish and an easy tannin mouth feel. This wine spent 16 months in our oak barrels.

LE TRE SORELLE $25.00/btl.
A 2019 vintage, dry fruitful blend (44% Cabernet Franc, 44% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Chambourcin). A full bodied, easy drinking wine with wonderful rich flavors of cherry & black currant with some toasty and vanilla characteristics. A mild peppery finish. 

2019 vintage. A blend on the dry side (66% MA.
Marquette, 34% MA. Chambourcin). A floral and fruity nose. This is an easy drinking red with hints of dried stone fruit and berries (cherry and raspberry dominate the palate). Light tannins and a very tame finish.

FRONTENAC $20.00/btl.
A semi-sweet deep, rich full bodied wine with a jam on toast aroma and excellent flavors of dark cherry and raspberry jam. This wine is a blend of oaked and stainless steel tank aged Frontenac giving it enough soft tannin to provide a really nice balance to the fruit in this wine. A fruity red with a long soft finish. Appealing!

RED HEN RED $20.00/btl.
Crisp/bright, fruity sweet wine. Aroma of candied apples with hints of berries. Nice mocha/toffee flavor combined with sweet raspberry/strawberry fruit flavors. An easy sweet finish. Half way to a sangria. Just add your fruit and you are good to go. Great for picnics or just lounging on the deck.

This semi-dry wine has light a floral, blueberry and
cinnamon spice aroma with a distinct and excellent blueberry fruit flavor. It is like a blueberry pie in a bottle. Made from 100% local blueberries and nothing else.


ICE APPLE WINE $32.00/btl.
A sweet dessert wine
made with our own apples. Apples are pressed then the juice frozen to natually separate the sugars from the water leaving us with the sweet syrup which is fermented into this wine. 

PIVOT (Port) $32.00/btl.
Our 2022 vintage port is made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and is 17%ABV. Sweet and smooth, this dessert wine boasts flavors of dates and currants with stone fruit and vanilla on the finish. 

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