Godard’s Red Hen Farm started growing apples and keeping a couple bee hives in 1984.  It has expanded since to growing more apples, blueberries, grapes and managing our own apiary and a few out yards for our bees.  There was a time when the four Godard children were working the land with us (usually not by choice), when we had chickens and sheep.  Now our focus is fruit.
The winery was added to the farm in 2010.  A dream come true for owners Larry and Sue Godard.  We started with 50 cases of wine and a few varieties.  We have grown to producing over 1400 cases a year.  In addition to enjoying our wines at the winery, you can find our wines in a number of stores, mainly in the Springfield/Northampton area.  Although, we do have our wines in one location in Boston and one in Sturbridge MA.  See the Stores page on this web site for details on the stores and restaurants where our wines can be purchased.
Larry and Sue have worked hard to build this small family farm and winery.  Larry has been making wine since the 1990’s and like his grandfather (Antonio Pepe from Springfield, MA) enjoyed crafting wine and sharing it with family and friends.
Our motto is “Wines to please all palates”.  We produce about 15 different wines.  You can find dry full bodied red and white grape wines as well as softer reds & whites.  We produce fruit wines from the fruit from our farm and other local sources.  Our fruit wines are: Apple Wine, Ice Apple Wine and Blueberry Wine.  We also produce Mead (honey wine) from the honey from Sue’s apiary.
In season, you will be able to purchase apples, sweet apple cider, blueberries and honey from our store.  Sue also makes some amazing hand creams and lip balms from the bees wax from her hives.
To answer the question that we are asked most often:  no we do not have chickens, nor do we sell eggs (although we used to).  We named the farm “Red Hen Farm” after the children’s story titled “The Little Red Hen”, because like her we did it ourselves.

Hope to see you soon. Cheers!