Mineral Hills Winery, named for the Mineral Hills which are located near the farm, has been a dream of ours for years.  With the addition of a new barn in 2008, the winery has become a reality.  Now fully licensed and we are making wine for our customers.

We had been making wine as a hobby for years (since the early 80's).  Initially we made honey wine (mead).  Over the years we have added apple wine, blueberry wine, grape wine and various blends.  With the addition of our vineyard in 2005, we can now make grape wine.

We are growing French American hybrid grapes.  The varieties we grow are: reds - Frontenac, Chamborcin, Whites - Cayuga, Seyval Blanc.  We also make honey wine (mead), apple wine and blueberry wine.  We also import vinifera grapes/juice (i.e. Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay), so we can offer wines from grapes that will not grow in our area.

For reds we have : Cabernet Sauvignon, ChambourcinFrontenac, a sweet red (Red Hen Red) and for whites we have Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc, Cayuga and a May wine, (a Riesling infused with Sweet Woodruff).  We have two fruit wines Apple wine and Wicked Blue (a blueberry wine). We also produce a blush (NoHo Blush).  Since we are bee keepers, we have Mead (honey wine).   We have produced around 1200 cases of wine this year (2014).

The plan is to try to appeal to everyone's taste by offering the four red grape wines that go from dry to sweet, four white grape wines that go from dry to sweet.  We have honey wine (Mead), Apple and Blueberry wines.  All these are now ready for tasting and for sale.  We also have a blush (NoHo Blush).

We do ship our wines within the State of Massachusetts and to certain other states that don't require a license and fees to ship direct.  Please contact us via our "contact us" page to arrange shipping and purchase.  Someone 21 yrs old or older will have to sign for the wine when it arrives.  At this point we have not pursued licenses in states that require them in order to ship direct to consumers.