Tasting Wine List


2018 Chardonnay, $16.00/ bottle: Fermented in 3rd year oak barrels.  This is a full bodied Chard with a smooth finish and flavor notes of pear and pineapple.  This wine should cellar well and improve with age.

Seyval Blanc, $15.50/ bottle, A crisp semi-dry wine with citrus fruit aromas and a flavor that presents hints of grapefruit and lemon.  Great for seafood pairings.  A Seyval for the Pinot Gris & Sauvignon Blanc lover.

Seyval Blanc Sparkling (“Pet Nat”), $19.00/ bottle, A sparkling wine made in a Petillant Naturel style.  This Seyval Blanc was bottled before fermentation was complete, trapping carbon dioxide in the bottle resulting in a lightly sparkling wine.  No sulfites. Sediment in the bottle is part of this style wine.  Store upright, serve cold.   Refreshing and crisp!

NOHO Blush, $15.00/bottle, $28.00 1.5 L eco bag.  An off-dry blush. A wonderful blend of 87% Chardonel, and 13% Chambourcin. A floral/ raspberry aroma to start, with flavors that hint of citric fruits and raspberries.  Crisp refreshing finish.

Cayuga White, $16.00/ bottle, $27.00 1.5 L eco bag.  A wine made on the sweet side.  Light fruity aromas with sweet melon and tropical fruit flavors, along with a hint of peach.  Best served cold.

MAY WINE, $16.00 bottle, $29.00 1.5 L eco bag.  A traditional semi-sweet German wine, it is Riesling wine that is infused with sweet woodruff. Floral aromas, with sweet undertones of freshly cut hay and flavors of honey, nutmeg and apple. Make a Mai Wein punch by adding strawberries, something bubbly and garnish with fresh strawberries.

Apple wine, $13.00 /bottle.  Made with local apples. Late variety apple aromas and wonderful blended flavors of Macoun, Honey Crisp and other apples, with a semi-sweet cider like finish.  Pairs very well with turkey, pork roast or just sipping with cheese and crackers.

Ice Apple Wine*, $30.00 375 ml bottle. Made from our own apples, frozen then pressed, this ice wine is truly a dessert wine full of concentrated apple sweetness and just the right amount of alcohol for a nicely balanced wine.  A limited production wine, only 237 bottles.

Mead (Honey Wine) $15.00/bottle.  An effervescent off-dry honey wine with floral aromas hinting of lavender and other floral sources.  This wine really reveals a nice wild flower honey flavor.  Hints of wild flower & herbs come through in the finish.  Our bees nailed it again.


2017 Cabernet Sauvignon, $20.00.  A full bodied wine w/an aroma of cherries & currants and a hint of apricot. Fruit flavors of dark cherry, black currant and jam. Balanced tannins & fruit. A toasty dry light peppery finish.  Overall a dry complex wine with good fruit and a dry finish.

2017 Black Cap Cabernet Sauvignon, $22.00.  A hearty earthy full bodied dry wine. Nice fruit in the nose with flavors of black current, cherry and a hint of vanilla.  An easy peppery finish with just the right amount of tannin.

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, $21.00.  A full bodied dry wine.  It has a wonderful fruit jam aroma with a hint of vanilla.  Exhibits some black current and plum flavors.  Good tannins from 16 months on oak, but with an incredibly easy finish.

Le Tre Sorelle, $21.00.  A dry fruitful blend (44% Cabernet Franc, 44% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Chambourcin).  A full bodied, easy drinking wine with wonderful rich flavors of cherry & black currant with some toasty and vanilla characteristics.  A mild peppery finish. 

2018 Chambourcin, $16.00 A stainless steel fermented off-dry red.  Berry aromas to start, fruit forward flavors of raspberry and strawberry dominate with an easy going finish.  Reminiscent of a Beaujolais Nouveau style red wine.

Frontenac, $16.00 A semi-sweet deep, rich full bodied wine with a wonderful fruit forward aroma and excellent flavors of dark cherry and raspberry jam.  This wine was lightly oaked giving it enough soft tannin to provide a really nice balance to the fruit in this wine. A soft fruity red with a long soft finish.  Appealing!

Red Hen Red, $16.00/bottle, $27.00/ 1.5 L eco bag- Crisp/bright, fruity sweet wine, with cherry and some light raspberry flavors.  Hints of dark chocolate from start to finish.  Half way to a sangria.  Just add your fruit and you are good to go. Great for picnics or just lounging on the deck.

Wicked Blue (Blueberry Wine), $17.00. This semi-dry wine has light a floral, blueberry and cinnamon spice aroma with a distinct and excellent blueberry fruit flavor.  It is like a blueberry pie in a bottle.  Made from 100% local blueberries and nothing else.

Super Blue (Blueberry Wine)*, $9.00/375ml bottle A sweet dessert style blueberry wine.  A cinnamon spicy nose with rich blueberry flavor and a sweet finish.  Made from over 3,000 lbs. of local blueberries.  A perfect after dinner sipper and a great wine to balance your dessert.

5% discount for purchase of 6 – 11 bottles. (Mixing varieties OK), 10% discount for a purchase of a case or more. (Mixed cases OK). Free cloth 6 bottle tote.

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